Between 2012 and 2016, I have given 48 invited presentations as keynote or plenary speaker in 16 countries. Find below an overview of national and international highlights.


2016:  Eight invited talks in seven countries (highlights)

Keynote, ArtsGames Forum, Montreal (Canada)

Plenary, International cultural cooperation: Europe & LatinoamericaEuropean Commission, La Havana (Cuba)

Plenary, Cultura urbana para la Inclusión Social en Latinoamérica, European Commission & Iberoamerican General Secretariat, Brussels (Belgium)

Keynote, UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Ostersund, (Sweden)

Keynote, IV International Week of Sport for Social Change, REMS Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Plenary, Future Sport Rendez-Vous, University of Lausanne, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Plenary, Regeneration – Is it still needed?, Royal Town Planning Institute, Liverpool

Keynote, UK Evaluation Society Conference, London (UK)


2015: Six talks in eight countries

Plenary, The Future of Public Service Media, European Broadcasting Union, Geneva

Plenary, Urban Cultural Placemaking, Cultural Policy Centre- University of Chicago, Paris

Keynote, Communication Knowledge Management and Memory Forum, São Paulo

Academic paper, Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures, University of Jyväskylä, Helsinki

Academic paper, Media and the City, European Communication Conference, Zagreb


2014: Fifteen talks in 10 countries

6th World Summit, Int. Federation of Arts Councils & Culture Agencies, Santiago de Chile

Keynote at the EU Greek Presidency Conference: ‘Financing Creativity’, Athens

Keynote at Taipei World Design Capital 2016: Programme Launch, Taipei (Taiwan)

Plenary, Forum d’Avignon-Bilbao, Bilbao (Spain)

Keynote, Forum d’Avignon-Ruhr, Essen (Germany)

Plenary, Tourism Symposium , International Festival of Business, Liverpool

Plenary, The Summit of Leaders, London

Plenary, Host Cities Conference, Dubai (United Emirates)


2013: Over 14 invited talks in 8 countries. Highlights:

Emerging options for funding the arts, Westminster Media Forum, London

Aestheticization of public space & the metropolitan cultural turn, University of Grenoble

European Culture Forum, European Commission, Brussels

Making the most of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site, Liverpool

Olympic Impact and Legacies of Mega-Events, University of East London

53 Int. Session Young Participants, International Olympic Academy, Greece

Sport Accord Convention, St Petersburg

Cultural Programming at the Olympics- The Oslo 2022 Bid, City of Oslo

Edinburgh Research Seminar, Scottish Government, Edinburgh

Dissenyant Junts l’Olimpiada Cultural, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona

Media, Communications, Cultural Studies Association, Annual Conference, Derry


In 2012, a lot of my public speaking was focused on my Olympic research, with some opportunities for reflection on the long term legacy of Liverpool 2008 European Capital of Culture. Find below a list of some of the most relevant talks with links to event materials.

23 January– The Creative Process, A Multidisciplinary Examination, British Academy, London

23 February- Researching and Evaluating the Games. Podium and Department of Media, Culture and Sport

3rd July – Olympic Art Review symposium, London

11 July – International Cultural Policy Research Conference, Barcelona : Local Dependencies for Global Festivals

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24 July – Arts In Society Conference –  Keynote speech : The Art of the Mega-Event. Advancing art agendas within global spectacle

24 July – London 2012 Games Experts Reception. In Conversation: The cultural legacies of the Olympic Games

13-14 August – The Olympic Games – Meeting New Challenges, University of Oxford – ‘In Conversation’ about my new book: The Olympic Games and Cultural Policy

13 September – ATLAS Conference, London – Global Cities – Opening Keynote

13 September – ENCACT Annual conference, London – Networked culture:  Olympic cultural legacy research workshop

November – Fields of Vision – Leeds – Keynote on the relationship between Art and Sport