(Selection only. Last updated: June 2012. Sorry! I know I am behind the times… )

Print pressThe Guardian (5 May 2012) London 2012 Olympics: how should universities contribute to the legacy?, by E. Anyangwe

Russian Journal (15 December 2011) ‘The Olympics in Sochi. A cultural approach’, by Elizabeth Lesovsky

The Guardian (11 March 2010) ‘Liverpool profited from year as capital of culture, says report’, by Helen Carter

The Times (25 Nov 2009) ‘Building on some firm foundations. Last year’s European Capital of Culture title was a platform for Liverpool to build on’, By Carol Lewis

El Pais, ABC, Diario de Córdoba (June 2009) Lessons for 2016 European Capital of Culture Spanish candidates

Diari El Punt (February 2009) Lessons from Liverpool 2008 to Spanish Candidate cities for 2016 (January 2009) Liverpool 2008 European Capital of Culture Year

The Hungarian Economic Weekly (Sep 2008) Economic Impact of Liverpool 2008

Wall Street Journal (28 March 2008) ‘The next Barcelona’ By: Candace Jackson

New Statesman (20 February 2008) ‘Liverpool 08. The story so far’ By Dominic Cavendish

Easyjet Magazine (January 2008) ‘Do big-city based events make financial sense? By Ian Wylie

European Urban Knowledge Network (July 2007) ‘Culture-led regeneration cannot resolve structural problems on its own, says Beatriz Garcia’ (by Bart Nijjof)

The Stage (29 Mar 2007) ‘Funds and Games’ (by Duncan Turner, pp. 6-8)

The Guardian, Education (29 Mar 2006) ‘Limbering up for the Olympics: Universities are already planning their strategy to make the most of the 2012 games in London’ (by Stephen Hoare, p. 12)

Evening Times (7 Jul 2005) ‘Glasgow can win at Olympics’ (by David Leask, p. 8)

The Sunday Herald (28 Feb 2005) ‘Glasgow benefits of being City of Culture’ (by Senay Botzas, p. 6)

Scotsman (8 September 2004) ‘Put peace at centre of London Olympic bid, Scots demand’ (by James Doherty)

Press & Journal (8 Sep 2004) ‘Academic study could help bring Olympic Games to London’ (Jennifer Hill, p. 9)

The Sunday Herald (4 Apr 2004) ‘The empire strikes back’ (by Leon McDermott, 6)

Deutsche Welle (13-15 Mar 2004) ‘Arts 21’: Glasgow 1990 to Lille, European Capital of Culture 2002

The Herald (24 Jan 2004) ‘Myths of the city of culture success’ (Phil Miller) p. 26)

The Guardian (2 Jun 2003) ‘Can Culture Save Us’ (by Andy Beckett, Features, p. 2)

The Australian (15 Sep 2000) ‘Cultural Cringe’ (by Jennifer Sexton)

The Sydney Morning Herald (14 Sep 2000) ‘Nation of arts heroes goes quietly into battle’ (by Kelly Burke)