In the period 2002 to the present, I have generated £481,320 in research grants and commissions and, since 2006, I have directed a £800,000 research programme that has leveraged an additional £400,000 in complementary university funding and related commissions.

I have also secured 100% funding for all travel and expenses related to the invited keynotes and plenaries that are listed under ‘PRESENTATIONS’.

Research income

Jul 2009:         Principal Investigator (PI), Arts Council England North West: We Play Evaluation (£15,000)

Mar 2009:       PI, European Commission Culture Programme: Cultural Policy Research Network (£150,000)

Jun 2008:        PI, Impact Workshops: Arts and Humanities Research Council and Arts Council England (£15,582) (18,000 Euro)

Apr 2008:       PI, Fieldtrip Grant: Universities’ China Committee in London (£1,950) (2,237Euro)

Apr 2007:       PI, with two co-investigators, Impact Fellowship Grant: Arts and Humanities Research Council & Economic and Social Research Council (£241,977) (277,609Euro)

Dec 2005:        PI, Small Research Grant: The British Academy (£7,474) (8,574Euro)

Jul 2005:         Research Collaborator, Research Commission: University of Liverpool and John Moores University (£20,000) (22,943Euro)

Jul 2005:         Bid Advisor towards Research Commission: Liverpool City Council, Impacts 08 programme (£800,000) (917,744Euro) I was appointed as Director of this research in April 2006, and have become PI in 2008

Dec 2003:        PI, Small Research Grant : The British Academy  (£3,320) (3,808Euro)

Sep 2002:        PI, Research Commission : Cultural Consortium North West (£26,000) (30,000 Euro)

Study grants

Oct 2001:        Fulbright Scholarship to pursue post-graduate research in the United States (I was awarded the scholarship, but withdrew to accept position at University of Glasgow. Value: £25,000 (28,700Euro)

Apr 2000:       Postgraduate Research Grant, International Olympic Committee, Lausanne (£1,700) (2,000Euro)

1999-2000:      University Exchange Grant: Master’s Research at University of Technology, Sydney (£1,500)

1996-1997:      Erasmus Grant for Undergraduate study (Honours year) at Napier University, Edinburgh  (£2,000)