European Capitals of Culture: European dimension in cultural cooperations

On the 15 November 2023 I am at the European Parliament moderating a debate with political representatives from the three 2024 European Capitals of Culture in Austria, Norway and Estonia.

#Salzkammergut2024, #Bodø2024 and #Tartu2024 have all launched their programmes for their year and have achieved unprecedented levels of tripartite collaboration to date. From hosting jointly the annual #ECoCFamily meeting to coordinating their public communications, working together on this event for European institutions and preparing for the #ECoCHandover ceremony at the Akropolis Museum in Athens, these are all significant symbolic gestures that speak to their commitment to continued international collaboration.

Today’s topic at the European Parliament is: European Capitals of Culture: the European dimension in cultural cooperations. After a presentation of the three ECoC cultural programs, I will lead a debate with the following political representatives:

Representing Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut:

  • Christopher Drexler (Head of Federal State of Styria)
  • Thomas Stelzer (Head of Federal State of Upper Austria)

Representing Bodø:

  • Ida Gudding Johnsen, Deputy Mayor of Bodø

Representing Tartu:

  • Urmas Paet, Member of the European Parliament from the Republic of Estonia