LockDown Diaries

Reflections from a non-stop traveller
rediscovering life in her city while isolating at home

Here you have a collection of diary entries about what inspires or puzzles me every day, while watching out of my apartment window.

For a professional who makes a living out of international travel, spending weeks on end alone at home has become the wildest adventure of all.

Reconciling ourselves with our natural looks…

I wonder who can stand looking into the mirror after weeks away from any professional help…

I spy with my little eye: City Centre plants

The second installment of my Lockdown Diaries takes us into some of the secrets inside the supposed lushness of surrounding balconies

Balcony Communities

In the first installment of my #LockDownDiaries, I reflect on the power of city centre balconies and multistorey windows to rebuild a sense of community while the streets empty up