PROJECT | Shakespeare Lives ~ Impact on perceptions of Britain

 have been appointed by the British Council to direct a research project on the impact that the Shakespeare Lives programme has on perceptions of Britain. I will lead a team within the Institute of Cultural Capital to conduct this work throughout 2016. We will work closely with three different areas of the world as core case studies: Russia, China and the Horn of Africa.

Find a summary of the project’s purpose and core team, below.


The Shakespeare Lives Evaluation programme

Shakespeare Lives is a pan British Council programme of international events and activities celebrating Shakespeare’s work on the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016.

The Evaluation and Monitoring programme includes different strands, including the analysis of three regional and country case studies. We are writing because your region has been selected as one of these in-depth case studies, and thus we aim to collaborate closely with you over the coming months in developing an evaluation of the Shakespeare Lives programme covering the 12 months of events.

Our final report, due at the beginning of 2017, will inform part of the global evaluation of the Shakespeare Lives programme.


Who we are

The Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC), a strategic partnership between the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, which aims to improve policy-making around cultural innovation and practice.

Dr Beatriz Garcia, who leads this strand of the Shakespeare Lives evaluation programme, specialises in reporting on the longitudinal impact of cultural programmes and events, researching their development and legacy. She has worked on evaluations of the European Capital of Culture initiative and the Olympic Cultural Programme.

Dr Chiara Zuanni, the research assistant on this project, specialises in researching public perceptions and digital data.

Stephen Crone is the research assistant at ICC and will offer technical advice and contribute to the data collection, analysis, and trouble-shooting throughout the project.


Evaluation Methodology


Our strategy draws on three main approaches:

  • Data matrix of available evidence

Between July and September 2016, we will survey the existing impact evaluations and data sources, aiming to collate this data and develop a baseline of available evidence. In doing this, we will need your help and expertise on the data available from your office.


  • Media content analysis

We will develop a press analysis of published articles explicitly referring to the Shakespeare Lives programme, so to understand the reception of the events in each country. We will consult with you on the selection of relevant papers and news sources in your country.


  • Survey and interview of key stakeholders

We aim to interview around 15-20 key stakeholders and opinion leaders in your area. We aim to work closely with you in identifying key respondents and establish a relationship with them.