Liverpool ArtLab | The city as laboratory for cultural exchange

On 21 June I am speaking at Common Ground, a day event for AHRC Commons members aimed at:

“enabling ideas and skills to be exchanged, new collaborations to be forged, networks to be enriched, knowledge to be produced, and the value of the arts and humanities to be expressed, discussed, and celebrated”  

I will make a presentation titled: Liverpool ArtLab: The city as a laboratory for cultural provocations, story-telling and knowledge exchange.

This talk, created with support from ICC Research Fellow, Dr. Chiara Zuanni, will involve the 360-degree, fully immersive visual representation of research data and cultural sector collaborations in the context of five interrelated University of Liverpool research projects. These projects, funded by an AHRC Cultural Engagement grant are all focused on Liverpool as a city that presents the ideal conditions for observing the impact and value of cultural interventions, and their capacity to transform places.

One of the five projects represented is the Liverpool 2018 research programme I direct at the Institute of Cultural Capital which, in addition to receiving funding from the AHRC, has also received support from Culture Liverpool and the ICC Endowment Fund.


Further information about the Common Ground event can be found on the event page here.