Online platforms

Co-editor of academic magazine on the cultural dimension of the Olympic Games

Culture@the Olympics is an annual publishing space for cultural concerns related to the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. The publication is informed by the scientific research of the Olympic Games conducted by Dr Beatriz Garcia & Dr Andy Miah. Since Sydney 2000, they have received funding from learned institutions to conduct independent, evaluative research which has informed the critical, academic study of the Olympic Movement. The audience includes academics, researchers, students and practitioners. The magazine functions in collaboration with the Olympic Scholars Network (see below) and Critical Olympiad, the Olympic research blog.

Co-authorship of photographic web archive on Liverpool 2008

Liverpool Oh! 8 provides a digital archive of Liverpool images that narrate the many changing experiences taking place in the city in the lead-up and during its year as European Capital of Culture. Images are organised across six main themes: CITYspaces, CREATIVEsites, URBANchange, BRANDactivism, CULTURALevents, STREETlife.