Peace Camp, London 2012 Festival

Arts Professional: A cultural blueprint

Published in September 2012, issue 257 ( Full article below   A cultural blueprint Beatriz Garcia reflects on the Cultural Olympiad and the learning that can be passed on to Games hosts of the future.   The London 2012 Games mark precisely 100 years since the first official commitment to…

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The Olympic Games and Cultural Policy

The opening of the London 2012 Games marks 100 years since the emergence of an arts and cultural programme at the Olympic Games. What is the rationale for such programme and how has it evolved over time? How does it shape the world’s largest mega event? In whose benefit is…

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The Olympics: The Basics (2012)

I have been working with Prof Andy Miah on a this new book, due for publication by Taylor and Francis in February 2012. It is titled ‘The Olympics: The Basics’ and features within the renowned Routledge series ‘The Basics’. We have created a special website to accompany this book. This site…

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Citizen media as a platform for cultural representation at the Olympic Games

Paper presented to the International Olympic Committee in my role as member of the IOC Postgraduate Grant Selection Committee Abstract This paper offers a reflection on the ongoing plans around London 2012 to build a community of citizen journalists who will create media content in the lead up to and…

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A cultural mega event’s impact on innovative capabilities

Full reference: Bergsgard, N.A., Jøsendal, K. & Garcia, B. (2010) ‘A cultural mega event’s impact on innovative capabilities in art production: the results of Stavanger being the European capital of culture in 2008’, International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development, (vol 2, n 4) (pp 353-371)   Large cultural events are often…

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The Olympic Games: Imagining a New Media Legacy

New publication by Beatriz Garcia and Andy Miah in the British Academy Review, thinking about what happened in Vancouver 2010 and what may happen in London 2012.

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