Cultural Legacies of Rio 2016, one year on

I am in Rio this week presenting the results of…

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PROJECT | Brands, Myths, Stories post Rio 2016

Reimaging Brazilian cities | Urban images and cultural narratives in…

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PUBLICATION | ‘If everyone says so …’ Press narratives and image change in major event host cities

I have just published this academic paper within the Urban Studies…

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DEBATE | On the need for both ‘black’ and ‘white’ narratives around mega-event impacts.

We need to acknowledge both the black AND the white (plus some…

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PROJECT | What counts as #OlympicArt during the Rio 2016 Olympics?

I am in Rio throughout the Olympic Games, as I…

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PROJECT | Building bridges between Olympic cities and the Olympic Movement

I have been awarded one of only six Advanced Olympic Research…

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PROJECT | Shakespeare Lives ~ Impact on perceptions of Britain

I have been appointed by the British Council to direct a…

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ARTICLE | Europe ~ UK Cultural Exchange: Can we avoid the worst of Brexit?

I wake up to the not totally surprising but still…

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ARTICLE | Closer to Marseille than to London … Europe and the EU as trumpeteers for British talent

On the day the United Kingdom decides whether to remain in or leave…

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Liverpool ArtLab | The city as laboratory for cultural exchange

On 21 June I am speaking at Common Ground, a…

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The Art of Devolution | Culture & the North

On 14 June 2016, I am speaking on the implications of…

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ArtsGames Forum Montreal

I am in Montreal on 25 and 26 May to…

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International cultural cooperation: Europe & Latinoamerica

On the 17th and 18th of May 2016 I have…

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My research trajectory since 1999

I have interrogated cities and event-led cultural policy-making since 1999.…

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Cultura urbana para la Inclusión Social en Latinoamérica

The European Commission and Iberoamerican General Secretariat have invited me…

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Liverpool 2018: 10 year ECoC legacy

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) supports ICC research…

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IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission

  After 15 years observing, analysing and offering a critique…

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Linking memory, knowlege & communication in Rio 2016

  On my way to Sao Paulo to share insights regarging…

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In praise of cultural policy research

Back in 2006, at the inaugural conference for a new UK…

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Intangible Heritage and urban development

On the 23rd September I am speaking at Sharing Cultures 2015  –…

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